Information has been a power of humans. Thanks to the internet, it is very easy to make available a piece of information at speed of light. After the internet revolution, we have seen that innovation reaches at everywhere especially in businesses. Businesses got a new eyesight to establish a brand new lucrative business model. Technology has transformed the ways of doing the businesses. Marketing strategies have been evolving and reached over the mind of an individual which was not even possible before a few years.

One can easily get updates regarding anything via many sources every day but along with the valuable information, useless information also increases. It is very difficult to figure out the authentic piece of information.

I am Ambrish Gohil from Rajkot, Gujarat (India). As a marketing guy, I am a bit curious about business, brands, and sales, and reading is my passion. I incepted the journey as a blog writer in 2016 to communicate what impress me. I always exert myself to provide most accurate, innovative and valuable information.


buemat.in is a platform where one can find the storiesĀ on business, economics, marketing, and technologies. I always try to communicate the most reliable information through the blogs by doing the extensive research.