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Brand Building-7 Most Effective Trends of Successful Branding



brand buildingBrand building is generating awareness of brand and process of creating better value to consumers. Here, generating awareness of brand means enhancing your brand equity through various promotional strategies and advertisement campaign. Value creation for consumer plays an integral role in a brand building because eventually satisfied consumers are the spoke person of your brand. Consumer knowledge and experience are a foundation for consolidating the brand. There are mainly three type of brands

  1. Product Brand: Coca-Cola, Nike, BMW.
  2. Service Brand: DHL Courier, HSBC bank, AT&T.
  3. Retail Brand: Zara, KFC, Amazon.

Marketers have to build their brands according to what they are dealing with like product, service or retail. The core aim of branding is to be a part of an evoked set so that it may dominate consumer’s purchase decision. Branding is one of the most difficult areas of marketing because it is tough to create, tougher to build, and toughest to maintain.

When Indian automobile company Tata Motor acquired Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford Motors, what they bought for $2.3 billion? Plants and Factories? Machinery? Raw Material? Technology? No, Tata bought the brands. They bought the trust of the people which was associated with the brands.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for whopping $19 billion even though it was not a profit making company. why? because of the brand. One of the largest satisfied user databases made Whatsapp a $19 billion of the brand.

Look out into today’s competitive world, creating a sturdy brand is the only solution for making your business secure in foreseeable future. After the information technology revolution, everything has transformed from traditional to digital including the way marketing activities taking place. Unlike the traditional marketing, now marketer have to keep in mind many contemporary aspects while formulating a brand building strategy.


In order to build a sturdy brand, never-ever do a sale, always focus on building a relationship with the customer. Profit is the core objective of any economic activity and sales is integral to earn a profit. In order to maximise the profit, the brand makes your sales easy and in many cases, it also help business to charge premium prices for its products or services. Never forget that it requires time, money and dedication to create a reputed brand.

Your customers have always a concerned with what you have to solve their problem. So, be specific and always preach solution until your efforts influence his purchasing decision-making. It is a start of your brand as a relationship because merely a sales approach is no more effective. Now, marketers must have to build the relations with the prospects because it leads business to figure out what prospects want rather than what you want to give them. You have to listen to your prospects, acknowledge his suggestions and get feedback about your proposal. Once you created a healthy relationship with your prospects, it would gradually developing and creates a secure space for your brand in their mind.  Keep in mind that all your marketing efforts should be well directed and convey a specific message about your brand that it is made for you.

American Express has redefined the role of brand as a relation from a card holder to a club member. It makes their customer closer to American Express.

Xiaomi Inc, maintain a relationship with users of Mi devices through Mi forum where all users are sharing their knowledge, experience, problems. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has been in touch with Mi community through Mi forum.


Have you ever get a birthday greeting message from your bank? Yes, how was that experience? delightful. In the language of marketing, it stimulates the brand identity in your mind.

Your customer never remember what you said and you did, he always remembers how you made them feel. So, high-quality customer experience is quite essential in brand building. The internet enables the marketer to create a contextualized campaigns that enhance the customer experience. There are lots of research has been taking place to deliver the best possible customer experience by many companies.

Today, there are so many brands are created but they could not thrive due to the competition. In saturated competition, you have to make your brand different. It is a challenging task to provide a finest real time unique experience to your customer when the customer value has been flourishing. The marketer should have to build a long term relationship with the customers. In order to achieve a strong bonding which creates a win-win relationship between your brand and your customer, marketers have to concentrate on three things: customer intelligence, targeted engagement, and memorable experience.

Consumer management technologies enable the marketers to collect customer’s data regarding its action, behavior, taste, tendencies. It leads marketer to create a campaign which increases personalize interaction of the customer with your brand. All endeavors of marketers should be well driven towards creating a unique or memorable experience of the customer to deliver a high-quality personalized experience.

Amazon welcome you by your name and continue use where appropriate. Its personalized product recommendation is based on your browsing history, previous purchasing, your liked and rates. According to Jeff Bozos, Amazon recommendation engine knows you better than you know your self about your shopping habits. It creates a unique personalized experience.


The key foundation of the brand building strategy is to encounter the emotion state of the people because people are ruled by emotional state, need, aspiration and it affects most in decision making. you have to co-relate your offering in such a way that only your brand can make their lives easier and better. There are various types of emotions like trust, security, fear, guilt, control, desire, and the list go on and on.brand building

Building a brand based on emotion is not an easy task. Emotions are most sensitive and when you blitz those, there is an equal probability of favorable or harmful implication. If you trigger wrong emotion, not only your successive campaign become less effective but it creates a wrong image in people’s mind. At the same time, if you successfully trigger the emotional state, it might bring jackpot for you. You can get into the heart of your customer. Emotional bonding drives your customer towards the loyalty and later leveraging their loyalty to make the brand more solid.

The branding strategy of Nike is to create a most powerful brand which appeals the ‘hard work’ and ‘never give up’ state of people. They are cunningly using the emotions to inspire the brand loyalty. In almost every promotional campaign of Nike that shows to people that you are a hero but your laziness is an enemy that also lie in you. Nike’s campaigns are one of the best impressive campaigns yet in history and successfully create an incredible consumer brand loyalty all over the world.


Regardless of which industry you are in, only marketing department strives are not sufficient to flourish brand, your consumers and employees are working as a pillar. They are always most authentic representative of your brand. Believe me, People puts trust more in your employee than your public relation department. Your employees are representing your brand, their engagements and commitments would uplift the brand.

If you closely look at the world’s best brand like Google, Facebook, Coca-Coca, Amazon, they have one thing in common, their organization is the best place to work in. Strong brands always build by strong talent. For the emerging brand, marketers must have to give emphasis in developing the human resource. Studies have been showing that engagement of employees leads the brand towards higher productivity and profitability and its best example is GE (General Electric), its tagline is ‘Imagination at Work’

The communication system has been growing steadily. Now, consumers are sharing most of their life on social media. There is huge potential to taking that habit of consumers in brand building. User generated content is the basic foundation for emerging brand to become a most popular brand. For the brand building, the marketer should have to give equal importance to brand resonance. Brand resonance means how well your consumer recalls your brand in different consumption situation.

As a marketing strategy of Xiaomi Inc, they are not spending millions of buck on marketing campaign and advertisement. Their users are their brand ambassador. On social media, Xiaomi consistently connected with Mi users and keep them engaged through various Q&A, rating and reviews, photos, videos, tiny promotional offers, contest etc. but it cunningly stimulates and wins the heart of Mi users. We can say that Mi brand becomes well-known only due to its users.


When you seat in the bus of Volvo, first thing comes in your mind is safety. Why? because in every marketing activity its story revolves around the importance of safety in your precious life, and they correlate that with Volvo.

Smallbiz trend has given the best definition of brand storytelling:

“Your brand story is more than what you tell people. It is what they believe about you based on all the signals your brand sends out. The story is a complete picture of the facts, feelings, and interpretations, which are shared about your business by you, your customers, your community and the public in general”

In today’s digital landscape, always do a smart work instead of hard work. If you are not using a method of brand storytelling, it is an indication of hard work. The storytelling is a perfect approach to polish your brand. The loud and apparent message should communicate with the audience. A clear and authentic story drive your brand towards wide spread recognition. Your story can be related to your logo, Vision, commitment, product, consumer experience, work environment, innovation and many more.

While crafting the story marketer should keep in mind

  • Define the brand personality.
  • Must not be complicated.
  • Motivational factor.
  • Blended with simple uniqueness.
  • Hit the emotions of the people.

One of the masterpieces of brand storytelling established by Warby Parker. Their proposition is affordable but fashionable eyewear. It is a disruptive offering in the industry. Also, they had distributed free glasses to people in need and create the impressive story. The story including each element which ideal story should have. It defines what the product stands for, it is simple, motivate people to avoid expensive purchasing.


brand buildingMobile marketing allows you to connect with target audience virtually immediately. It has an open vast opportunity for marketer which was never before. Presently, mobile marketing is the most convenient medium for solid branding. The invaluable contribution of portable devices makes their own space on top while formulating a branding strategy. Recently, Google is giving too much emphasis to make your website a mobile friendly.

Companies are using mobile marketing in so many ways to promote its brands on mobile like e-mail marketing, in-app advertisement, location based services, SMS/MMS marketing, push notification, QR codes. Another great advantage with the marketers is that almost all social networking sites applications are already developed significantly on smartphones.

Mobile marketing enables the accurate targeting which makes them a most effective way to promote your brand on smartphone devices. It set-up two communication which enhances the awareness of your brand by catering personalize communication with your audience. One of the advantage with the emerging brand is that it is cost effective as compared to the rest of the promotion tools. There are so many businesses are taking place on the internet, their very first priority is to target the mobile users to promote their brands.

Ikea has launched its catalogue app which utilizes smartphone’s features. They have successfully introduced the digital catalogue by using the application. It virtually places the products in your room and gets an idea regarding how does it look. People are expecting innovation from leading marketers and Ikea did it very well which swelling the brand loyalty of Ikea.

E-commerce websites are more depended on the mobile marketing because the usage of internet is growing on smartphones through browser and applications. So, smartphone oriented marketing approach of  E-commerce companies eventually a proven very lucrative for them.


The term social responsibility is comprehensive and it upto the marketers that how they leverage it in brand building and loyalty. It is most authentic sources to generate a trust among the people about your brand and cater real life demonstration what your brand is doing for the betterment of society. Few companies know very well that being a good corporate citizen eventually beneficial to themselves.

An intelligent marketer can align corporate social responsibility with branding strategy and corporate objectives so that all these are going ahead hand in hand. Businesses are inextricable from society. CSR build the reputation of business in society while reputations create a distinguish brand image and increase the brand loyalty. Now, if you want to cater something to society with a motive of brand building or you want to make brand identity through social responsibility, you have to give a special attention towards educating the people or go green agenda as a part of social responsibility. Both are most effective and lucrative in branding.

Google, Microsoft, Disney, Daimler, BMW are the world’s leading brands. Every day, they are grabbing headlines on business news, sometimes due to its business activity while sometimes due to its social activities. there is one more thing in common in among these brands that as a most responsible entity of society, they have been taking many initiatives to make a better world.

ITC Ltd.

The Indian Conglomerate ITC Ltd. (India Tobacco Company Limited). has taken so many environmental initiatives like carbon positives, water positives and solid waste recycle positives. ITC group of the luxurious hotel have certified green hotels. They have introduced Choupal programme through which they educate the farmers regarding the farm productivity. There are so many brands under the umbrella of ITC. ITC is well known through its hotel chain business, its cigarettes brands and its effective initiatives as a part of social responsibility in India.


As we can see that, it is a difficult assignment for the marketer to get an attention of people and make them lucrative for business. Brand building is a sequence of decision making regarding what your business or its offering stand for. So, the whole process must be in the right direction otherwise you may have to face catastrophic consequences. For the successful brand building, every development move must be strategical and definable about brand existence. Smartly differentiate brands and then communicate the elements that showcase how your brand different from the crowd and beneficial to the customer which gradually build a win-win relationship between you and your customer.

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