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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
                                                      ― R. Buckminster Fuller

Latest mobile technology will change the way we live the life. We have seen an enormous technological transformation, especially in cell phones. It has been making our life gradually comform and smart. Today mobile phones became a smartphone. The technology which developed recently makes the smartphone a super smartphone. This year bring lots of major updates in all aspects of mobile phones. I am not here talk about any concept of future technology but the latest mobile technologies which are ready to commercialize in mobile phone industry.


Since two years, we have not seen a groundbreaking technological update in smartphones, but this year definitely we will have a bundle of latest mobile technology which is futuristic as well.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, a high-end 10nm chipset will power upcoming flagship devices from every smartphone manufacturers. Snapdragon 835 is a beast regarding performance and efficiency. It will increase the performance by 27% and reduces the power consumption by 25% than its predecessor snapdragon 821 chipsets.

latest mobile technology
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Chip

The salient feature of Snapdragon 835 is Quick Charge 4. It will give 5 hours of usage with just a 5 minute of battery charging. It will also come with a power management algorithm which prevents the phone from getting hot. The chip comes along with the Snapdragon X16 LTE modem which is able to deliver up to 1 Gbps data transfer speed.

In order to extend the Virtual Reality capabilities, the Snapdragon 835 supports 4k video playback at 60 frames per second, and Qualcomm AqsticTM will improve the sound processing to produce “true to life sound” to enhance the VR experience.


The future is of the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays. It is made up of thin electroluminescent sheets which emit light when electricity passed through it, unlike LCD panels which use backlit for visibility. The color reproduction and contrast ratio are quite magnificent at same it uses less power as well. Samsung has been using Super AMOLED display. Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come along with the OLED display which will benefit Apple to make a change in design.

Many flagship phones will come with the 4k display. There are many arguments against the 4k display in smartphones, but it would be useful in virtual reality. In virtual reality screen splits into two parts so if the phone does have a 4k display, it will give the immersive theatrical experience of 2k.


The dual camera feature is a latest mobile technology in smartphones. We have seen a significant evolvement in mobile cameras. Consumers are now expecting a professional photography from their mobile camera. The leading smartphone manufacturer does a lot of research on dual camera on the phone in order to take a mobile photography to the next level. The latest proposition from Huawei and Apple contains a dual camera which takes simultaneous images and merged those images with the help of software. It has several remarkable advantages too. Having a dual vision on camera reduces the focus time marginally. In less time, a camera is in a position to produce a crisp, sharp and detailed image even in a low light. Multiple lenses adjust themselves according to the state of the object like distance, lights, and movement. Eventually, dual camera on smartphones clicks the finest images.


latest mobile technology
Iris Scanner

The Japanese company, Fujitsu had introduced an iris scanning system for mobile devices. Everyone has a unique pattern of iris in each eye, and it is impossible to recreate the same. It would prove most secure conclusive personal authentication technique. It uses the combination of a front infrared camera and an infrared LED which human eye cannot detect. The system captured the image of eyes and extract iris area to decoding data of iris to give authentication to users. The advantage of the iris scanner is not ample now, but it is a futuristic concept. According to the security related matters evolve, Iris scanner will spread his wings.


Tango is a project of Google which is now ubiquitous in latest mobile technology news. It is advanced technology in the field of AR (Augmented Reality). AR is a blending of real life three-dimensional world and virtual reality. Tango could create a 3D content of your surrounding with the help of built-in camera sensor. There are numerous advantages of having a tango in smartphones. In a very near future, your smartphone able to measure and record real-life objects and give them a touch of a virtual world. For example, if you want to change the interior of your house, then simply use your tango enable smartphone camera. It will record and measure your real house and virtually give many alternatives regarding designs and concepts.

For example, if you want to change the interior of your house, then simply use your tango enable smartphone camera. It will record and measure your real house and virtually give many alternatives regarding designs and concept of the interior on the marked house. So you will get an exact idea about the interior of your house.

Also, it would give new objectives to gaming experience when games meet real life 3D world. Google Tango is so complicated that you cannot grab the exact idea until you have a video on it. So here it is which created by Google ATAP (Advanced Technology And Project) team.


Apple, Google, and Amazon, all are working on household objects and its compatibility to make your home smart. Smart Objects developers also know ample benefits of the smart home. Every electronics objects are connected with a compatible smartphone so that smartphones controlled them. The voice assistance like ‘Siri’ and ‘Ok Google’ plays a significant role to control intelligent home. ‘Amazon Echo’ and ‘Google Home’ are identical in terms of features like both are the speakers which also set alarms, control thermostat, and lights.

Apple is ahead than the competitors in terms of smart home technology. Apple home kit is a home automation software integration accessories certification. So Accessories would be compatible with the iOS along vice Siri voice assistance. All the accessories of smart home are controlled by Apple devices like give command off the light, the light will be off. Unlock the door by Siri voice control and so on. It is just an inception, but in the future, there is potential development, we can see in the smart-home technology.

Within a year or two, you have a phone which distinctly most secure and an innate capacity to manage a lighting fast computing. It will have a crystal clear 4k display, which will bring an awesome experience of the virtual world as well. The evolvement in mobile technology gradually allows you accomplish tedious task effortlessly.


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