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The current government is a most powerful government even in history of independent India. When Mr. Modi took rein of India, every Indian hoping ‘Acche Din’. But it is not an easy to bring good days immediatly. The way Narendra Modi is working is just awesome but there is also a bugs. There are still few untouched areas where is a dire need of improvement. The Modi government deliberately not working on the same.


Transparency is the foundation of any democracy. However, India is the world’s largest democracy, the complication is that here found opacity instead of transparency in administrative machinery of government. The Modi government is marketing themselves as they are most transparent and combating against corruption and black money. But it is not entirely true because if they are, they must have to impose Right to Information (RTI) Act on funding of political parties. Political parties are the major source of the corruption.

All political parties have an identical thought regarding RTI on their party funding. We should have to forget about our previous governments because they were like a dead fish. But, worst case scenario is that even Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been avoiding to touch the ultra-sensitive issue in front of the public in the name of corruption. In August 2015, Modi government filed a counter affidavit stating that it would adversely affect internal functioning of political parties. Every Indian hoping ‘Acche Din’ and for that bringing political parties under RTI will be proven great move towards the corruption free society.

You must have to be clear before pointing out figure towards someone. It is adverse in Indian politics, the political parties are not following the basics to prevent corruption and asking the common man for accounts for even a single penny in the name of transparency. What a Strange!

The Association and Democratic Reforms (ADR) is a non-government organization whose aim is to bring political and electoral reforms in India. ADR has been issuing the reports on funding of political parties. They strongly insist that RTI on political parties will bring the renaissances in Indian political system.


  • However, Political parties are not compelled to pay the income tax under Income Tax Act 1961, they should be subject to independent audit.
  • According to current provision, it is not compulsory for the parties to declare the details of any donors if his donation is less than Rs. 20,000 and it is in cash. And it is the biggest source of corruption. Approximately 71% of the donation of national political parties came from anonymous sources during 2004-2015. (sources of figures)
  • During 2004-2015, National and region parties collectively raise total Rs. 11,367.34 and out of which Rs. 7832.98 was from unknown sources. Imagine the height of corruption. (sources of figures)
  • In 11 years, 83% of the Congress, 65% of the BJP, 95% of the SP have been unknown. (sources of figures)
  • The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC) had not submitted their audit report of 2015-2016 to the Election Commission of India even after six months of the due date (31st Oct 2016). Why did even BJP not submit, I don’t know.
  • Parties should have to accept funds through an online transaction in order to support ‘Digital India’ campaign especially BJP government. They are not even willing to do so. No one is also raising the questions on media against ruling party regarding the same.

There is a dire need to place the political parties under the RTI Act for public scrutiny. All parties are most corrupt entity including BJP. Large corporators supports have been increasing gradually and in return, Corporators have been getting benefits from the government through many ways which are also unknown.


Every Indian is confused regarding the petrol and diesel prices. The NDA government is not reducing the prices. The wired government policy affects the budget of every Indian adversely. We are among those who pay highest prices of petrol and diesel around the world.

Price buildup of Petrol and Diesel

International prices of crude with ocean freight, refinery processing, operational costs, and MarginUSD$ 60.11USD$ 60.11
Exchange RateRs. 64.36Rs. 64.36
Cost of one barrel of raw crudeRs. 3868.68Rs. 3868.68
1 barrel crude159 Litre159 Litre
Cost of one litre raw crudeRs. 24.33Rs. 24.33
Margin of RefineryRs. 0.24Rs. 0.24
Refinery Transfer Price paid by oil marketing companies (OMC) to RefineriesRs. 24.57Rs. 24.57
OMC Margin, Transport cost and Freight costRs. 2.71Rs. 3.77
Basic CostRs. 27.58Rs. 28.34
Add: Excise Duty charged by Central GovernmentRs. 21.48Rs. 17.33
Prices charged by dealer before VATRs. 49.06Rs. 45.67
Add: Dealer CommissionRs. 3.21Rs. 2.17
Fuel Cost before VATRs. 52.27Rs. 47.84
VAT charged by state government (Delhi) for Petrol @ 27% and for diesel @ 16.75% + 0.25 pollution cessRs. 14.03Rs. 8.26
Retail Selling Prices In DelhiRs. 66.00Rs. 56.10

* The calculation is based on prices of petrol and diesel in Delhi on 4th August 2017.

* Source of Information: Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.


On April 2014, the excise duty on petrol and diesel was Rs. 9.48 and Rs. 3.56 per liter respectively. Today, Excise duty on petrol is Rs. 21.48 while on diesel is Rs. 17.33. The VAT is also increased gradually by the state government which puts pressure on the pocket of every Indian directly or indirectly. When Modi government came, the crude prices were near $100 now it is almost half but the benefits from that are not reaching to us. If the taxes are unchanged, prices of petrol and diesel are approximately Rs. 15 and Rs. 20 is lowered compared to what we are paying right now. Eventually, hike in diesel prices is inflating the prices of every commodity.

narendra modi mistakes
Source: Pixabay

The Indian government is using the decline of crude prices to recover the fiscal deficit rather than giving it to direct consumer. But the government should give at least half of the benefits to end consumer because the consequences are the same whether government passing the benefits to direct consumer or recovering the fiscal deficit. If the government want to reduce the fiscal deficit by only petrol and diesel, it may put the whole economy into a crisis in near future. It makes every product expensive. On the other hand, our imports are higher than our exports. If the government is selling the small fraction of the dollar in the international market in order to strengthen the rupee value. It may put Indian economy in a better position.


The Modi government is good at Marketing and Mr. Modi is a marketing genius. He knows very well that it is lucrative to communicate each accomplishment by exaggerating it. They are using almost every medium of media. In late 2016, A RTI petition declared that Modi government has spent whopping Rs. 1,100 crore on advertisement in two and a half year. This did not include an advertisement which was given in print media, hoarding, booklets, and calendar.  The Information and Broadcast Ministry provided the information.

In a regular interval, it is coming out that on social media political parties IT department has been spreading the messages which will further viral on social media. It directs the people in the wrong direction. The social media emerged as a most powerful media tool and it is deliberately misused for self-promotion by Modi government.

Indian media is one of the most untrusted institutions in the world. It has been rotting the Indian society. Their responsibility plays a vital role in strengthening the whole society but in India, it is not found. Almost all the broadcast media and print media has sold out its soul for profit. They are presenting what makes more profit for them. The prime need for the government is to take the corrective steps to cease the unethical practices of media.

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