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Many Indian are waiting for two things 1. Why did kattappa kill bahuballi? And 2. When will Reliance Jio launch 4g services at full fledge? History witnessed that whenever Reliance enters into the new industry, it creates a damnific business environment for rest of the players of that particular industry. Reliance always brings alternative theory for doing the business and change course and direction of the industry. Reliance Jio Infocomm is an excellent example of the same.

Here are seven facts everyone should know about Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is a World’s largest start-up:

Reliance Jio, A telecom venture of Reliance group, is one of the largest digital initiative ever in the world with an investment of Rs.1,50,000 crore. This is the world’s biggest startup. The core aim is to make available a best 4g service to maximum Indians at a cheaper rate. It may invite internet revolution in India.

reliance jioCoverage:

There is very less high-speed mobile internet connectivity in India. Reliance Jio finds a tremendous opportunity in that bottleneck and targets the same as well. It has pan-India license to provide the 4g services.  Reliance Jio will connect more than 70% of Indian population with a high-speed mobile internet from day one. Jio will set up one million activations and recharge outlets. Jio owns spectrum in 800 MHz in 10 circles while 1,800 MHz bands in 6 circles, of the total 22 circles in the country, and also holds the pan-India license for 2300 MHz band. The spectrum is valid till 2035.


Reliance Jio seems to have a focus on the affordability of data by Indian consumer, unlike the competitors. Reliance Jio has already said that 4g service will be available at substantially lower rates so that reach will become fruitful in future. Jio will provide 4g data at the cost of less than the price of the existing 3g data plan by the many companies. They will be going to provide 1 GB 4g data at less than Rs. 100 while 25 GB 4g data at Rs.1000.


Not only price front but the quality of the service also taken into consideration by the Reliance Jio. They want to differentiate themselves from the crowd by quality and content of the services. Reliance jio has brought prodigious infrastructure in India which ensure an actual 4g VoLTE experience for consumers unlike other providers


There was conducted an extensive test by brokerage firm ‘Credit Suisse’ to examine the 4g service of Reliance Jio. According to a report, during beta-test download speed on 4G network peaked at 70 MB per second but remained in 15-30 maps range on most occasions.


Due to constant delay in launching the services, competitors like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea are expanding their coverage. On the other hand, they have a threat of Reliance Jio because Jio comes with the unconventional way of doing the business and will attack entire telecommunication market from price, quality and network basis. Many companies have marginally reduced the prices of their data plan to cope up with the Jio’s attack.

LYF handset:

To empower the India, Reliance Jio announce the partnership with many companies to create a 4g enabled ecosystem in India. Reliance has introduced its own mobile handset brand ‘LYF.’  The handset from LYF are 4g enabled VoLTE smartphones. Intex has tied up with LYF to supply the handsets. LYF has become one of the top five mobile handset brands in India within a very short span of period. Reliance has also tied up with Samsung and LG. There are many companies in a queue with whom reliance will be tied up very soon.



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