social media marketing strategy




social media marketing strategy

Social media is the voice of your brand. According to Social Media Examiner, about 90% of the marketer believes that social media is a quite essential marketing tool for their businesses. Moreover, 97% of the marketers are using the social media as a sturdy marketing tool while 85% of the marketers are not sure regarding the best way for a social media campaign. Today, there is no need of any certificate to prove the importance of the social media. It is a low-cost and most effective marketing tool. The name of the game for the social media is the human psyche. It has the power to shape the opinion of the society. So, it is a very crucial task for the marketer to formulate the best social media marketing strategy.

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”

                                                                     – Pam Moore

Points to be scrutinized while formulating the social media marketing  strategy

The journey of the social media incepted for the social entertainment but now marketer uses it as a most powerful tool of marketing and public relations. It has just changed the way of the interaction of businesses with their existing and potential customer. At the same time, the elements of the entertainment still remain into it which makes them complicated as well. Leveraging the social media as a marketing tool is undoubtedly one of the most effective strategies irrelevant of the nature of the business and the product whom you deal with. It is very challenging to get success and maintaining the position which you acquire. There are certain reasons for the same like

  • Social media is time-consuming.
  • Marketers have no control on communication flow.
  • It is a most sensitive marketing tool.

From scratch to implementation and revision, there are the certain key elements which marketers must have to keep in mind while formulating the social media marketing strategy.

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STEP:1 – Identifying Social Media Marketing Goal

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” —Zig Ziglar

The goals indicate the destination for which you have to go on. Same with social media marketing. The identifying goals for the digital marketing is a foundation of future presences of business in the market. The contribution of the social media goal in a whole marketing strategy plays a pivotal role.  According to nature of the business, a marketer has to define the goals. 

Goals of Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. Build Community – More than 104 million fans hits the like button on official Coca-Cola Facebook page. 
  2. Brand Awareness – Royal Enfield promoting his premium segment bullet bikes by sharing sponsor trip images.
  3. Sales, Leads and Website Traffic – Flipkart have successfully sold millions of Mi phones through the Social Media campaigns. 
  4. Enhance Public Relations – Xiaomi Inc. connects themselves with their fans through Mi forum.
  5. Research and Development – General Electric (GE) got 3844 ideas from 150 countries for the development of innovative power grid technologies.

It is ideal to define more than one goal for your business. The comprehensive approach in goal setting leads the broader marketing strategy. Your goals must be S.M.A.R.T. that can be achievable in a given resources.

  • S-Specific: The written down specific goals figure out what exactly have to accomplish.
  • M-Measurable: The quantifiable goals makes an evaluation of progress easy.
  • A-Attainable: Realistic goals leads the efficiency in efforts.
  • R-Relevant: Social media goals must be aligned with the whole marketing goals and business goals.
  • T-Timely: Goals should be bounded by a time. In a given time, it should be feasible to achieve the objectives.

STEP:2 – Define the Target Audience

Social media marketing strategy
source: pixabay

Immediate task after setting the goals, marketer have to define the target audience. You must have the accurate profile of your audience or consumer. It strengthens efforts and reduces remarkable marketing cost. Consumer’s demographical factors are the keynotes of social success in marketing. Your success is more depend upon the consumer engagement with you or your brand. The consumer segmentation is also applied to enhance the effectiveness of the campaign. 

The impression of your action over the consumer must be in a right way at a right time through the right medium.

For instance, Vogue India launched a social awareness campaign for women empowerment. The face of the campaign was famous Bollywood actress Dipika Padukone. The campaign had garnered a lot of attention on facebook and twitter. The official Vogue India facebook page upsurge by 0.4% in fans database as compared to previous week. While, on Twitter, Amitabha Bachchan shared the Campaign. Reason behind the success of the campaign was accurate women targeting.

  • Right way: Famous Bollywood Actress Dipika Padukone was the face of Campaign.
  • Correct Time: Women empowerment is on going issue in India.
  • Right Medium: Campaign was flowing on most famous platform Facebook and Twitter.

Marketer easily utilizes social media platforms to target the audience.

Facebook: Demographical factors like age, geography, interests and many more.

Linkedin: B2B targeting, occupation.

Reddit: Interests.

Google+: Groups.

Forums: Interests.

The marketer has to target the audience through multiple segmentation which will further enhance the effectiveness of the initiatives. The paid acquisition is worth for penny because organically reaching to your audience in a cluttered space is very tough now. 

 STEP:3 – Eagle eye on Competitors

It is wise to not ignore the presence of competitors while formulating the social media marketing strategy. It gives you valuable insights about the way on which you have to go on. The explicit research about the prevailing competition reinforces your actions. The implementation of competitors tactics amplifying the efficacy. Marketers should have to keep in mind at least three close competitors and in every social media activity reflection of uniqueness and competitors tactics must be found.

What to analyze about competitors

  • Segmentation of Audience
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Channels
  • Conversation with customer
  • Engagement of customer
  • Social media marketing budget
  • Controlling component of social media activity
  • Comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Advertisement
  • Response to inquiries and complaints

It is not sufficient to have a profound knowledge about your competitors. Name of the game is how to use that knowledge to get best out of it. Unlike a decade ago when everyone was on ground level but now the time has changed. Things are now crazy enough to define your future presence. The competitor’s analysis gives you insights about what works, how to leverage your resources to get attention, how to align your marketing endeavors. 

If you are new in the industry, it is very difficult to beat the industry leader. Initially, you should have to follow top players, once you got the momentum then you have to leverage your own unique tactics to enhance the effectiveness of marketing activity. Competitors’ research and analysis give you the apparent picture regarding social media marketing strategy.

STEP:4 – Identify the Social Media Channels

Your marketing efforts should be customer-centric where you have a direct communication with your customer. Once you identify your audience and you have a knowledge regarding how your competitors performing socially, it’s your time to stimulate on your targeted audience. Social media marketing channels are a bridge between you and your customer. 

Digital marketing is comprehensive which includes all the internet based marketing source like web marketing, e-mail marketing, internet advertisement and social media marketing.

Points to remember while identifying the social marketing channel

  1. Your marketing channel must be aligned with your marketing goals. For instance, each post of Paytm on Facebook is about the offer to direct encounter the sale.
  2. Always focus on new marketing channel because it is an untapped opportunity. 
  3. There is a direct co-relation between the channel and success. More effective channel means more difficult to get success.
  4. The ideal number of channel for the social media marketing is 3-4. Never sign-up for every channel.
  5. Investment is not in bucks but in time. Whatever channel you choose, it takes the time to achieve results.
Channel User Database (unique monthly users April 2017) Ideal For
Facebook 1.97 billion Demographically segmentation & Brand awareness
Twitter 319 million Brand awareness
Google+ Service providing businesses &  increase search visibility on google
Pinterest 150 million Product and visual content sharing
Instagram 600 million Visual content, retailers
Linkedin 106 million Core business activity, B2B targeting
Youtube 1 billion Profound details of product and process
Reddit 85 million Leads traffic to your website
Whatsapp 1.2 billion
Tumblr 550 million Brand promotion

* sources of statistics:

All leading social networking platforms are also available in the regional language and mobile phone compatible. Today, Mobile marketing is emerged concept of brand new marketing strategy. In social media marketing, quality reach is more important than the size of your reach.

STEP:5 – Define Content Strategy

Content is the heart of the social media marketing strategy. If you have millions of social reach but your content is monotonous, you will fail to impress your audience. It eventually destructs your presence because your competitors are looking for such opportunities. The marketer has to follow the three main points decides the content strategy.

social media marketing strategy
Content is a king in social media marketing (Source: pixabay)
  • Type of content
  • Time of Publishing
  • Frequency of posting

The marketer must be decisive in content strategy. If your content is mediocre and you publish at right time at a specific interval, it is worthless. If your content is impressive but you have not frequency and it is worthless. 

  • Visual and infographics content is more effective than any other.
  • Content must be according to your predefined objectives.
  • Content must be mobile friendly.
  • Solve the customer problems.
  • Avoid controversial topics.
  • Share the testimony about your product.

Killer content tactics

  1. Content must be according to the social media platform: Marketer uses the same content over the multiple channels which proves the key to failure several times. For instance, LinkedIn user never response to personalizing content. 
  2. Concentrate on the stories rather than selling: Never ever put an offer of selling on social media. It is one of the worst mistakes ever made by the marketer. People want to know about you and your brand. So, build the position in the mind of the customer.
  3. Promotional Activity: In order to increase the social exposure, contest and promotional activity play an essential role. It will increase the involvement of targeted audience. 
  4. Learning oriental content: One of the most authentic content strategies is to publish educational content which will increase the longer solicit participation and sharing of your post will further boost your content.
  5. Response to queries: People always welcome the response to their queries. If you recognize the suggestion and comments or reply to inquiries and complaint, it will eventually build the authentic soldier of your company. 

The game is not over by publishing the right goal-oriented content to targeted audience by best channel. Evaluation and control of your marketing strategy are also garnered the lots of insights regarding the next version of social media marketing strategy.

STEP:6 – Evaluation and Control 

Evaluation and control give the final touch to the social media marketing strategy. Evaluation ensures whether first five steps are correctly done or not. It not only indicate the bug but also indicates the best-performed actions. If there is a bug, controlling remove it and if there is not, it is wise to implement new tactics to increase the efficacy of post. 

Evaluation gives insights regarding

  • Best and least performance post
  • Effectiveness of channels
  • Conversion rates
  • Customer engagement
  • Competitors performance
  • Return on Investment

Your marketing strategy is not indicated on ‘rod of iron’. Once you completed evalutation, you have to define the social media controlling strategy. It loads you with the latest weapon to confront. Controlling plays a vital role in long-term strategy. In order to make your presence consistantly effective in market, you should have to examine social media marketing strategy in very short span of period. So that, if any correction in any of the step, you can do it as soon as possible. 

Controlling also plays a significant role in case of image destruction. As a marketing tool, social media should be prevent from any of the controversial component or channels. Due to having a tremendous reach through social media, any market can easily revive their image. For instant, Amazon apologies to Indian Governement regarding the product that carried Indian flag.

On the one point of view, social media marketing is heaven that it is for everyone, cheap and most effecitive while on the other hand, it is hell as well. Even tiny mistake leads towards the wildfire negative publicity. If you fail to avail the opportunity, your competitors will hit the home run. 


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