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Within a couple of years, we have seen that there are the Indian brands whose performance is fantastic in the market which is dominating by the international enterprises. We will discuss here few of the top Indian brands which have been doing exceptionally well in the market and its financial data may stun you.

Brands make easy to acquire, sustain and grow the customer. It creates loyalty among them. I am not going to deep into the theory regarding branding. Each product or service is designed for particular segment directly or indirectly. The sole aim of any brand is to win the target market by entering into the evoke set of individual and exploit it as possible as it can and make your business more lucrative. Today, it is tough to make the grade in a highly competitive market and stand out from the crowd to secure your place. So, the efforts of marketers must be out of the scale to create a strong brand. These brands sales figures are out of the box and make their space in the industry.

Recently, We have seen a few Indian Brands which become very successful in a couple of years. Here is the list of top Indian Brands whose way of doing the business are awesome and it is taken as a case study in many universities.


The Pulse candy offered by the Dharampal Satyapal (DS) Group. is well known for brands like Rajanigandha pan masala, Pass Pass mouth freshener, and Baba tobacco. A Pulse is a raw mango flavored with a tangy twist core, hard boiled candy. It gives a typical Indian taste.
Pulse was launched in April 2015 in three states Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Delhi as part of test marketing. The response from the market was just explosive and create a milestone in food and beverage industry. Consumers are buying pulse candy in bulk like 5 to 10 pieces. Within a six month period of launched, Pulse candy sold out the worth of 50 Crore and cross the figure of 100 Crore in 8 months. Recently, in a less than two years, it has crossed the 300 Crore of sales. It has beats Parle Mango Bite and Alpenlibe of Perfetti.

The key factors behind the incredible success of pulse are the extensive research on product development and fantastic word of mouth. One of the traditional flavor of India is kaccha aam (raw mango). People used to take it with a mixture of tang/spices. So researcher got the unique idea of zest filled raw mango candy (masala bomb candy).

Immediate after the launch, Pulse gained the momentum in market and sale is skyrocketing, the demand of the pulse was off the chart and company was unable to meet the same. To increase the production capacity, Company has started to outsource manufacturing. The company is planning to produce 1,500-1,700 tons of Pulse candy this year.


Royal Enfield is 115 years old brand. Enfield Motor Cycle Company was the original manufacturer of the Royal Enfield bikes. In 1955, Enfield Motor Cycle Company collaborated with Madras Motor and formed a new brand named ‘Enfield of India’ to supply the Indian government order. In 1962, Royal Enfield became fully made in India product. Enfield of India merged with Eicher group in 1994. Enfield of India has been producing bikes under the brand name of Royal Enfield since 1999.


Royal Enfield bullets have become a cult in India. The company has been selling more than 50,000 bikes each month since July 2016. Now the company has double the production capacity to reduce the waiting time from 6 months to 3 months for their crazy riders. The company has sold 6,03,505 bikes up till February 2017 in current financial year. Royal Enfield registered a 52% growth in a previous fiscal year.

In a couple of years, how do company manage the phenomenal growth?

  •  The differentiation in Royal Enfield makes a grade for the enterprise.
  • The offering of the company is quite good. They offer lethal bike at a half cost than the competitors.
  • The rider of the bullet often showcases his personality through Royal Enfield, especially classic model.
  • The company has expanded its product offering under the leadership of Pierre Terblanche who appointed as a head of new product design in 2014.
  • Royal Enfield community is doing the fantastic job as a marketing communication for the company. They frequently reveal the Royal Enfield trip photos and stories.
  • The experience of the ride in a bullet is undoubtedly a Royal.

The company is planning to increase the production capacity to 9,00,000 a year by the end of 2018.


The Patanjali Ayurveda Limited, a Haridwar-based homegrown FMCG company, has been registering outstanding growth in the industry. It started as a pharmacy store in 1997 and incorporated as a company in 2006 by famous Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev along with Acharya Balakrishna. The combination of ancient Ayurveda and modern technology reflects from each offering of Patanjali.

Year Revenues (In crore Rs)
2009-10 163
2010-11 317
2011-12 446
2012-13 850
2013-14 1,200
2014-15 2,006
2015-16 5,000

The positioning of the Patanjali is the principal reason behind the phenomenal success. As a marketing strategy, they have placed their product as an uncontaminated quality at a cheaper rate than the competitors. They give more emphasis to emboss the quality of products to gain the trust of the consumer and for the same, they displayed quality certificates on websites and commercials.

Patanjali has more than 50 manufacturing units across India The finest distribution network of the Patanjali makes its products available not only in urban areas but a rural area as well. Today, there are more than 15,000 exclusive outlets and 5000 franchise stores across the India. They have a strategic tie-up with a Future group to increase the presence at more than 250 malls. They also have a partnership with Star Bazaar, Hypercity, Reliance Retail. Patanjali is also pushing their products through e-commerce portals.

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is targeting the 10,000 Crore of revenue in the FY2016-17. Patanjali is a national alternative to foreign brands and also promote the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Fogg was launched in July 2011 by Mr. Darshan Patel’s Vini Cosmetics, when the deodorant market was cluttered. It was launched with a new concept ‘no gas only perfume.’ Vini Cosmetics had an attack on the human psyche. Human tendency is to find out the product which has no waste during consumption. Fogg advertised 100-gm of a bottle could deliver 800 sprays, a long lasting fragrance.

In 2015, with 20% market share, Fogg led the 3,600 crores of the deodorant market followed by Wildstone, Nivea, and Park Avenue. HUL’s Axe was not in top five; it was once lead the market when Fogg entered.

Vini Cosmetics was placing its brand Fogg as a liquid based deodorant, unlike others gas based deodorant. Fogg had marketed its product on the basis of quantity. They had initially targeted youth with a middle and upper-income group. The product itself and accurate marketing endeavors grab the share of deo market for the Fogg.

To sustain the market, Company had released the series of TV commercial ‘Aur Kya Chal Raha Hai, Fogg Chal Raha Hai.’ It was gone viral on television, and the messages circulated on social media. The TV commercial of Axe deodorant had succeeded to catch the eye of targeted youth. Fogg had replaced HUL Axe efficiently through the series of the viral campaign. Later Fogg targeted all the segment through TV commercials and sustained its leads in the market.



Paytm is an acronym for ‘Pay Through Mobile.’ It is an Indian e-commerce portal and subsidiary company of one97 communication. It founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in August 2010. Initially, Paytm offer services to recharge mobile and DTH. Later it has expanded the services like hotel booking, bus booking, payment of electricity bill and water bill and so on. They introduced India’s largest e-wallet in 2015, it received a first payment bank licensed from Reserve Bank of India. Recently they launched Paytm Mall for separate e-commerce business.

To grab the market, they offered the captivate deals to the consumer in the form of huge discount via promo codes. Due to having an accurate service quality, it got succeed to retain the consumers. Strong marketing strategy and word of mouth increase the brand awareness of Paytm. They are going to double its user base by the end of 2020.

There are certain challenges in front of the Paytm that people do mainly acknowledge cash as a primary currency. The sum of the average of internet users is not quite high as compare to other developed or developing countries. It will be very difficult to make accustomed the users to pay via wallet in the transactions which take place offline.

Today, One97 Communication is a worth of whopping $5 billion. The main stakeholders are Vijay Sekhar Sharma and Alibaba. Ratan Tata, Saif Partner, and Silicon Valley Bank have also held the stake. The journey of Vijay Sekhar Sharma from lower middle-class guy to billion dollar guy is truly inspirational.

Recently, We have seen lots of changes in the banking system and India moving towards the cashless system. Hence, Paytm gets many benefits. So the future of Paytm will be brighter than the star in India.


These are the home-grown top Indian Brands whose unique ideas and the way of doing the business invites the success for them. They are in a leading position in such a industries where international player mostly dominated. Now international brands get tough competition from domestic brands in India.


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